Saturday, 31 March 2012


Good news people!

I am over a quarter of the way to getting my new camera, the Nikon D7000.

To you less than knowledgable lot, it's great because it has 16.2 megapixels, and the amount of megapixels a camera has means how good it is.

To you slightly more knowledgable lot, it has a far better and far less grainy ISO range than my current D80. Can do full 1080p HD movies with all of the lenses in my possession. 6fps with a 0.13s start up time. A 39 point focus grid. This one has a shutter rated to 150,000 photos, so will hopefully carry on working beautifully for ever and a long time. 

If you wish to help me fill my piggybank, please feel free to send money to me via my paypal.

lumpy_porridge @ hotmail . com

Just as an update to what I have been doing, I have been getting my attractive friendlings to be my models for some solo photo shoots. Once I have enough in my collection I will make a new post just for them.

As a taster though.

I entertained guests last weekend with a small night time BBQ. Lighting, BBQ, and a Lava Lamp.

Moon be slivering. Not my greatest shots, but to be honest, my friend was cold, and inside was warm.

That concludes this short but sweet update on some of my ongoings over the last little while.

Thanks for showing up, and see you next time.


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