Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday evening atop Mount Peckham.

This evening the sun was lowering and the night was drawing in, perfect time to crack out the D80 and make my way up to the old church located just off seven mile lane.

Such a beautiful view.

The light was shining beautifully on this bunch of daffodils.

With this one I even introduced a bit of remote flash action to light up the head a touch.

 I was trying to evoke a bit of emotion with this one. I feel it has some feeling to it.

I can almost sense the feeling of emptiness in this one.

Now for the sunset.


Byebye Sun, see you tomorrow.

That is all for this round. I have given myself a few ideas that I am going to try soon hopefully.

Thank you mighty readers. Yes you, the one who is reading this now. I appreciate it sincerely.


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