Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The exposure to the elements

Again I took to the streets with the need to photograph things. I've been meaning to do these shots for a small while now, but I hadn't found anywhere within acceptable walking distance to do it. That was until my walk on saturday where I found a lovely footbridge.

My intentions were to get some good long exposure shots of the local bypass. I guess it was a success.

Good vantage point, and good pictures, I hope you agree.

After taking photographs of the roundabout I decided to venture closer to it.

Note the Back to the Future/Starship Enterprise vehicle in the following shot.

Well this concludes my first stint on long exposure with vehicles. Next I might try Long exposure shots of the skyscape.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

A lovely stroll filled with brambles and thorns.

This morning I left for a walk with the intention of taking a few shots. I found many a wonderful thing on my travels including several Pillboxes, mushrooms, bridges, and leaves.

With these photos, I took far more than I usually do. I've taken a new approach of taking a few more when I beleive I've already got the shot, you know just to be on the safe side. Using the histogram on this shoot has helped me alot. The LCD on the camera keeps lying to me, I can't work out the light levels. The light meter, I think it needs the exposure compensation tweaking to be accurate.

Ok, let's have some pictures.


I have a few more which I intend to post-process a tad.

Well I hope you feel my excursion has paid off. I enjoyed getting stung, bruised, prickled etc.


Thursday, 24 November 2011

An Introduction to this nightmare.


I hope it isn't painfully obvious that i'm new to this blogging thing.

I have decided that it's time to share some of my photography with the world. I know some of it is poor, but this is why I am here, for constructive and derstructive criticism.

I use a Nikon D80, with MBD80 Grip, I'm usually rocking a Sigma f1.4 30mm lense, But have been known to throw the 70-300mm on there. The other equipment I have at my disposal are a few remote flash guns (eBay specials) and a couple of tripods.

I will now admit to a couple of things;

I spend far too much time complaining about my photos, and I very rarely comment regarding the photo's content, instead my comments are aimed at the composition.

I will hopefully now add a couple of my shots

That's me in the photos. The green car is mine, his name is Loki. He is a Nissan 200sx S14a.

I don't know what else to put on here for now at least.

I will try and update with ideas and new shots. But don't hold your breathe, but if you are, nudge me a bit.

Thanks you for spending the time to read this. I hope I don't disappoint you.

Craig Matthews