Sunday, 26 February 2012


I just want to photograph, and so I found some flowers.

I think this is a concept I can improve upon massively. My main problem is have no idea how I want a photo of a flower to look.

Slightly more relaxed post than yesterday's but I still hope you like it.


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sun, bikes and Mayhem.

This weather is so nice we thought it would be rude not to get some photos of Hades and Roxy in action.

The setting was nice and tranquil, and peaceful. Then we arrived.

Our arrivals were very petrol induced. 

We heard sirens, and an aerial vehicle so we decided to move on.

Hades' Turn.

Then we stopped for the day, pleased with our accomplishments.

A Fair bit of fun was had today. We cannot wait until the summer now.


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Crystal Clarity

Did anyone see the Moon last night, and how it was nice and clear? If I told you that I saw it, I would expect you would want proof...

Cropped Version.

Original Image.

Using A 'cheap' 70-300mm Sigma f4.5-5.6 lens.

For a while Orions belt was visible above the roof tops also...I sense you don't beleive me..

A few evenings back I was in Tonbridge taking a few photos, and managed to take a few of the castle.

Whilst waiting for the Moon to get into a decent position I decided to try and catch the spark of a lighter. Actually quite difficult apparently.

This whole lighter spark thing creates some rather interesting photos, it will be something I try to better in the future.

Well, that is it for now, I as always hope you have enjoyed them.


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Illusion of Exposure...

I took only a few shots last night, around the time the snow was coming in. Got cold, got wet, got a couple of chronographically confusing shots. These were taken at night, in near on pitch black. But it seems so much like daytime.

As per the rules, here are a few snowy vehicle shots. The eyes were compliments of my friend Nick, he felt that the vehicles needed eyes, so he drew on as many as he could.

A Cold, Icy, Wet trip to work filled with misfires, flattened battery, and snow.

I'll try to find the time to do some daytime long exposures, as I am not terribly happy with these shots.

Criticism welcomed.


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Late Night Saunter...

I grabbed my friend Nick, and off we trotted for a lovely leisurely stroll through the night. I took him to a place I found on my first photography walk, a Lake near the quarry.

I had many ideas of what I wanted the shots to look like, some surpassed my expectations, some were massive fails on my part.

I'd now like to share with you a few of the ones that I think came out well.

There was one, which came out so much brighter. It actually looked like daytime, but as it wasn't I've decided to omit it.


Thank you for coming and visiting. I'll hopefully see you next time.