Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A lunch break filled with delights.

Today, as I am currently borrowing the 400mm, I decided to go for a very short wander to take some photos as the weather cleared up for long enough for me to have some definition to my sky. I couldn't use a circular polariser, as the 400mm uses 52mm filters, and my polariser is a 62mm.

I started with a few shots of the strange shaped tree.

Now for something Arty.

Standing and wishing for a better subject than a tree, and look what flew above. The autofocus was going mad, and I was unable to steady the lens and focus myself, so I had no option but to track it, and hope.

If anyone could shed some light on what this bird is I'd appreciate it alot. I'm thinking Kestrel, alternatively a Peregrine Falcon. Unfortunately my ornathological knowledge is limited.

EDIT: We Believe it to be a Buzzard.

Thankyou for looking at part 2 of todays photographical antics. Please come and visit again soon.


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