Wednesday, 25 April 2012

View Milestone Which means COMPETITION.

 Yay! Milestone Accomplished. The cake wasn't a lie.

 Cake made by Louise @ Louises-sketchbook

Thankyou one and all for looking at this blog and helping me reach 2000 views.

It means a lot to mean that you would spend time looking at a part of my life which I really enjoy doing. I wish to thank every last one of you individually, and please consider this small section of text just that. But I know some of you want a more substantial thank you. This next bit is for you.


If you answer the following 3 questions correctly, your name will be put in a hat, shaken vigourously, left to settle, and if chosen you will win a print of your favourite Thermography photograph. I'll even let you choose the size. Depending on the response to this, I may introduce runners-up prizes.

Question 1.

Which DSLR do I currently use?

Question 2.

Which DSLR am I hoping to buy in the near future?

Question 3.

Where and What year was Nikon Founded?

Answers to be sent to me via
  • Text if you have my number
  • Email to
  • Message me on facebook
  • Tell me in person
  • Message me on here(If that's even possible)
  • Literally anyway you have to communicate with me, you may do it that way.

One entry per person, maximum print size 24" x 18", closing date Friday 11th May. Draw will be held on Saturday 12th May.

Invite anyone who would like the prize, or anyone anyway.

Thank you again, and best of luck to you all.

Craig Matthews

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bluebell views

I went for a drive to a view point I know of. The view was obstructed by roadsigns and hedges. But I still managed to get a shot or two. Then after this viewpoint I found myself driving anywhere to find the shots I wanted, and found my bluebell filled woodland. I took an alternative route on the way home which brought me to pass some flowing fields. I hope you enjoy the following shots from these locations.

I really like these photos. I hope they are satisfactory.

Thank you for coming to view. See you next time.

Craig Matthews

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cotswold Wander

This weekend, as well as going on a trackday in my motorcar, my friends and I went for a walk to the top of Cleeves Hill, Cheltenham.

The following set of images is from that walk. Some I am very proud of. Some I wish I had taken a few more to get the right levels. This is another of those moments where the LCD has lied, and got back to a dark room and saw how over exposed everything was.

As I said I really like some of these.

I would like to thank my friends Mark, Sarah, and Nick for this weekend.

I hope you enjoyed these photos this week. I must say it was really chilly up there on that hill.

Craig Matthews

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Clouds over Kent

So I had a play with my circular polarizer today to get some mad definition in the sky.

I had a quick tweak in Lightroom which has inevitably lowered the quality dramatically, but increased the clarity quite nicely.

Even with the loss of quality I am still really pleased with these results. I can see why it would be so easy to spend more time in post production than actual on scenes action though.

Many thanks for viewing.

Craig Matthews