Friday, 6 April 2012

Ewe need me to stop being so sheepish?

I hope you are having a GOOD FRIDAY. First day off in what feels like forever, so what do I do, wake up at sunrise to go photograph sheep...I may need my head examining...

I tried to find a new sheep location, as on my way home last night I saw some in a field along the byway which I frequent. They weren't at the right end of the field. Back to my location from the other day it was then.

-- Viewer Warning --

The following images may make you go 'Awwwwwww'


Not an amazing focus on this one but the fragile delicate nature of this little lamb made me upload him.

 This fellow came out very well I feel.

This last one is a tribute to my late Gramps.

Mr Douglas William Matthews passed away when I wasn't even 3 years old, but I still remember sitting on his lap, and remember the funeral after party I guess it's called. For ages afterwards, I was convinced he was still with us, and was living at the house we went to at this party. The naivety of children will never cease to inspire me.

Thank you all for viewing.

It was a tiring cold emotional morning, but I feel like I have caught the essence of nature in this set.


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