Sunday, 17 June 2012

Update Time.

Ok, I've been working hard on the coming project, and havn't had much chance to take alot of photos, but I would like to show you that the camera hasn't left my hand.

Oh, also I would like to tell you all again that....I HAVE MY D7000!

So the following photos are a combination of D80, and D7000 photos. Just as an update to what I've been doing.

Me and a Friend went for a hunt for a Peacock, and came across this beauty after failing to find it and sulkingly walking back to the car.

During the Hunt for the Peacock, we found Mr. Blobby, now we know where he has know...Kickin' it with the Indians.

This is Jay, he is who I went hunting with.

This is Nick, he is who I repair most of my belongings with.

 This is a Ferrari, Check out Prometheora Media for a video to hear its exhaust note.

This is James, he is Triumphant over the fact we managed to get Nancy to ride a bike.

I went to Gatwick to a motorcycle shop, and had to stop to get a few of the planes.

Some friends and I ventured to the beach one evening. We saw some dead things, and It gave me ideas for awesome beach sunset backed portraits.

During a pub visit, I noticed so scary clouds.

This is my friend Charlotte, being ever so rude. I am trying to convince her to do a photoshoot with me.

On 7th June, it was my birthday, and this cake was lovingly made by Sarah, who I did the Abandoned Warehouse photoshoot with.

Thank you for returning once again, see you soon :)

Craig Matthews

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