Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ducks, and other mishaps.

During a visit to a friend's house, it was decided the little ducklings down the pond needed to have their photos taken. So off we ventured to get these photos taken.

As a side note during our visit we saw an old man asking for smokables, then some 12 year olds asking the old man if he had seen an iPhone 4s that they had lost.

These photos were taken after sun down, and it was progressively getting darker. ISO was ramped up, and shutter speed was low.


My favourite self portrait ever. Using natural light source of the sun, the f1.4 sigma 30mm, and of course the D7000, I managed to capture this. Using a Trial of Camera Control Pro 2 by Nikon, and using the liveview function I was able to see myself, and therefore was able to gauge focus levels, and facial expression.

These damn creatures seem to be replicating.A Rose between two thorns...No, a thorn between two thorns.

Thankyou for viewing my little midweek update.

See you next time.

Craig Matthews

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