Thursday, 29 December 2011

One mans derelict building, is the next mans studio.

Today I retraced my steps to a building I found on my walk the other week. I felt it had an excellent atmosphere and would give me lovely shots. My model for the day was my friend Sarah, and my assistant was another friend called Mark.

The Derelict and Industrial feel to the place gave me all sorts of ideas, and I hope they worked and please you.



I used a combination of lenses and filters for this shoot. Mainly the F1.4 30mm, with 62mm UV and Circular Polariser. A few of the shots were taken using the Sigma 70-300mm, occasionally with the same filters as the 30mm. All of the shots utilised a remote flash, with a wireless trigger on the hotshoe. A circular flash bouncer was used to diffuse the light in most of the shots too.

 Thanks for looking.


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