Sunday, 4 December 2011

Infrequent Perspective

The weather was against me. This is my excuse and I am sticking with it.

I was on location for almost an hour and took but a few photos, the rain started pouring and due to the D80's lack of weatherproofing I had to abandon ship for the day.

Only 2 photos stand out from the shoot, and one more I was trying to work on, which I will improve in the coming weeks.

This is the work in progress shot, I want the mast focused and some stars in the background. I need a clear night, and to use my other tripd which has slightly less wobble.

This is the first shot I took when I arrived on location, just opened the shutter, wandered off and sorted out my kit, then closed the shutter upon my return.

This shot was taken with a high aperture value, and a six hundred and one second exposure, ISO of 100, White balance set at 2500deg kelvin. 10 minutes of sitting and twiddling my thumbs. The blueness in the top corners, they be weird, and I have no clue what they are. I admit I had to edit this image a bit, because someone forgot to clean the lens.

Hope the short but sweet post here was of benefit, see you for the next one.


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