Saturday, 26 November 2011

A lovely stroll filled with brambles and thorns.

This morning I left for a walk with the intention of taking a few shots. I found many a wonderful thing on my travels including several Pillboxes, mushrooms, bridges, and leaves.

With these photos, I took far more than I usually do. I've taken a new approach of taking a few more when I beleive I've already got the shot, you know just to be on the safe side. Using the histogram on this shoot has helped me alot. The LCD on the camera keeps lying to me, I can't work out the light levels. The light meter, I think it needs the exposure compensation tweaking to be accurate.

Ok, let's have some pictures.


I have a few more which I intend to post-process a tad.

Well I hope you feel my excursion has paid off. I enjoyed getting stung, bruised, prickled etc.


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