Monday, 20 August 2012

British Drift Championship at Lydden Hill

A Weekend ago the British Drift Championship graced our fair county. The air was filled with Super Unleaded and Tyre Smoke all weekend long.

Using my friends 400mm lens, we had to camp out quite far away to get the cars in the shots, but the quality of this lens is like no other I have seen. Decent Glass means Decent Photos!

Let the slideways commence.

 Mmmm S13.

So many 13's

 Loki's brother.


 This thing made mean smoke signals.

 The local Drift King.

 This thing has been ripping up the BDC for years now.

 This guy came from the continent to create more smoke signals than the Indians.

 Rocket Bunny 14 :)

 G35 Falken made So much noise.

 Slight spin out I captured.

 Touring car looking drift car.

 We had a celebrity amongst us, Mr Shane Lynch from Boyzone fame, who is now a World Class Drifter, and came in second in the Super Pro Class.

 Arty S13 shot.

Evil looking R34 GT-R.

This concludes the BDC round 4 at Lydden Hill.

Thank you once again for coming and looking.

See you next time.

Craig Matthews

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