Monday, 21 May 2012

Photography Project Week One.

I have started this week a new project. A Challenge to myself to make me think about photography with more of a structure. I wanted to plan my photos more, give myself more of a chance to express myself a bit.

The idea is a Photo a day for four weeks, with each week having a different them which the photo must be based around.

Week ones Subject was 'Liquid' and this blog post is a summary of the weeks Photos.

 Day 1 - Water Splashed on the Boot of my car.

Day 2 - Glass of Cider (In a Carling Glass, how unprofessional) Taken with a pair of flashguns aimed at the glass

Day 3 - Water Bomb exploding on a paving slab.

 Day 4 - Suzuki splashing through a ford, remote flash at floor level.

Day 5 - Watering can into bird bath.

Day 6 - Fist to face. Mouth Squirt Colour Water!

Day 7 - Lowering sun by a Lock on the river medway in Yalding.

This concludes week one, any questions or criticisms about these shots please let me know. I havn't done any photography from this stand point before so I'd like to hear from you.

Millions of thanks,

Craig Matthews

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